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The mission of Haiti Allies is to help empower Haitians to better their lives and country through education, meal programs, adult literacy, and job creation. We also lead group trips to Haiti to foster relationships with our Haitian partners and to learn from the wisdom and spirit of the Haitian people.

Calling forth capability: We believe in the creativity and intelligence of the Haitian people. In all of our partnerships we invite and challenge our Haitian colleagues to embrace their full potential. We never do anything for a Haitian individual, organization or community that they can do for themselves.
Building Capacity: We are committed to providing appropriate tools and training that will increase the capacity of our Haitian friends to meet their challenges. Our Haitian partners take the lead in determining what resources are needed to address their reality.
Investing in Cooperative Development: We embrace the spirit of the international cooperative movement. In our work we are guided by the following three principles: 1) Shared power - It is essential for Haitian organizations to have broad-based leadership, and not the familiar top-heavy organizational structure based on the control or charisma of one or two persons.  2) Financial Transparency and Accountability - All funds are tracked and accounted for systematically including standardized reporting of all monies received and spent 3) Sustainability - In all of our work we strive to break cycles of dependency and nurture long term viability.

Who We Are

Haiti Allies is under the non-profit umbrella of a progressive church called Madison Christian Community. In our work we do not do ANY proselytizing or preaching or anything overtly religious other than to focus on love, compassion, justice and kindness, particularly to the poorest of the poor. read more

Why Haiti?

Compassion: Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere


Friendship: Haiti is our neighbor, it lies only 90 minutes from Miami


Inspiration: The Haitian people are resilient, intelligent, joyful, resourceful, patient and loving


Social Justice: Haiti has a long history of foreign occupation and accompanying exploitation of people and resources resulting in wide-spread poverty.


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