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Haiti Allies is under the non-profit umbrella of a progressive church called Madison Christian Community. In our work we do not do ANY proselytizing or preaching or anything overtly religious other than to focus on love, compassion, justice and kindness, particularily to the poorest of the poor.


We are very deliberate about this because we feel it is disrespectful of indigenous culture and religion to show up in a foreign country with a preconceived religious/doctrinal agenda. We are also painfully aware of the harm done “in the name of God” to countries like Haiti and the role that organized religion has often played in the colonization and enslavement of so-called “third world” nations.


All this being said, you should know that most of the people we work with in Haiti tend to be deeply religious themselves, simply because Haiti is an extremely spiritual nation. There are very few Haitians who aren't either Christian in one way or another or practitioners of Voodoo, or usually some combination of both. We do not attempt to control or influence the role that religion plays in their lives, but none of our funds go to support specifically religious activities.


We support education, feeding people (usually in the context of education), job creation, and medical care. It would not be unusual for the teachers to have a prayer or something to begin the school day or before a meal, but there are no religious requirements for students and religious instruction is not a part of any of our partnerships.

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