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Sponsorship Program Aiding Relationships and Education (SPARE)

  • SPARE is a Haitian non-profit that seeks to foster relationships between U.S. based sponsors and secondary students in Haiti. It is the goal of SPARE to find sponsors for every CSCS graduate so that these students can continue their education through the university level. 


  • In Haiti, the number of children who are able to enroll in secondary school is extremely low and even fewer students are able to attend university


  • Currently there are more than 45 students in the SPARE program. These students range from middle school to university level. One former SPARE graduate is now serving as the principal of CSCS.


*We are always in need of sponsors for incoming students. Help them fulfill their academic goals by becoming a sponsor and developing a relationship with a very grateful SPARE student. If you'd like to learn more, please contact Karen Brzezinski at
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